Institute of Research on Economics, Environment and Data Science (IREEDS)


Assoc. Prof. Arnaud Reynaud Research Unit Head in Water Management and Climate Change
Senior researcher at INRA and member of the Toulouse School of Economics. He also serves as deputy director of TSE-R (the research lab of TSE). His current research focuses on: Water Economics, Agricultural Economics, Ecosystem Services and Natural Resource Economics.

Prof. Cécile Aubert Research Unit Head in Public Development and Policy
Cécile Aubert is Professor at the University of Bordeaux. She has previously been assistant professor at the University of Cambridge, UK, and the University Paris Dauphine, and lecturer at UC Berkeley. She has published research on two main themes: i) incentives and enforcement for regulation and competition policy, and ii) incentives and attitudes to risk and ambiguity when emotions and feelings matter.

Dr. Raghvendra Kumar Head of Data Management & Survey
Dr. Kumar earned his PhD in Information Technology at Jodhpur National University, India. He is the author and co-author of 06 books in Technology Science: Fundamental concept of Turning machine (2014), Basic Concept of Data mining (2015), Robotics for Engineers “Concept and Techniques” (2016), Some Target Coverage Issues of Wireless Sensor Network (2016), Information Retrieval from Database, Image and Data (2016), Advanced Mobile Technologies for Secure Transaction Processing: Emerging Research and Opportunities (2017). His areas of interest covering: Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), Internet of Things IoT, Mobile Application Programming, Ad hoc Networks, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobile Computing, Data Mining and Software Engineering.

Dr. Van Ha Nguyen Researcher
Dr. Van Ha is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration at Academy of Banking and a researcher at Institute of 21 Research in Economics, Environment and Data Science. She was a lecturer at the National Economic University during 1998-2014. She obtained her PhD in economics and business administration from University of Orleans (France) in 2011.


Dr. Ngoc Anh Ho Admission Officer

Lan Anh Nguyen-Thi Project Coordinator

Linh Ha Nguyen Head of HR, Marketing & Communication

Sau Mai Van Staff

Thanh Cong Giang Accountant

Dang Minh Bui Staff

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