Institute of Research on Economics, Environment and Data Science (IREEDS)


Science. Nature. Connection.

  • Institute of Economics, Environment, and Data Science (IREEDS Institute) is a multi-disciplinary research institute founded by leading professors at major universities and organizations around the world. The institute operates under the delegation of the IREEDS International Association based in France.  
  • IREEDS Institute was established with a mission to generate a professional ecosystem of international standards in both research and training, in which it aims to connect a network of highly influential Vietnamese and international researchers with young, dynamic and enthusiastic students in order to contribute to the development of Vietnam. We believe that the harmonious connection and dispersion of knowledge both timely and spatially will help create a real impact on the sustainable development of all aspects of the Vietnamese society and people.


Multi-disciplinary research activities

  • IREEDS affiliates with the Vietnam Center of Economics, Management and Environment (VCREME) in the field of Economic Research, co-implementing a number of scientific projects funded by the National Science Foundation (NAFOSTED). In the future, the two parties will continue to strengthen their cooperative relationship towards the objective of connecting a large network of prestigious national and international scientists involved in research and policy implication in economic and environmental development of Vietnam.
  • IREEDS affiliates with IFRC (Intelligent Financial Research & Consulting), one of the most prestigious financial and data management consulting firms in the area of Science and Technology, targeting to coordinate multi-disciplinary research projects which consist of technological elements, data science and system administration.
  • IREEDS connects with a network of potential local and international researchers in collaborative research. IREEDS’s research areas span the broad spectrum of economic sectors (microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, mathematical economics); Environment (environmental economics, environmental protection and climate change, natural resource management); and Technology (big data management and machine learning, application of powerful technology tools such as R, Stata, Matlab, GIS) with reference to specific conditions of Vietnam.
  • IREEDS, together with experts in economics, environment, and technology, is involved in research and publication in leading international scientific journals and promotes the application of theories to solving specific issues in Vietnam, aiming to provide policy implication to the government agencies and ministries.
  • IREEDS is currently focusing on research projects on important and timely issues such as Growth and Sustainable Development, Environmental Pollution, Water Resources Management, Disaster Mitigation and Climate Change. IREEDS also regularly hosts national and international seminars, conferences on economics, management and the environment. In particular, 2 sessions of the “Multi-disciplinary Seminar on Economics, Environment and Technology” was successfully held in Hoi An.

Higher education with international lecturers and collaborators

  • Supplementary knowledge and skills: IREEDS organizes training courses to equip knowledge, skills and support to improve foreign languages for students and young researchers in economics and mathematics, system administration, big data management and machine learning, and technical tools such as R, STATA, Matlab, GIS …, aiming to hone a team of high quality research for Vietnam.
  • Other businesses, banks, organizations: IREEDS organized training courses to enhance higher specialized capacity, leadership skills; organize seminars, conferences, talks, analyzes and expert consultations on various topic; Collaborate and co-ordinate funding of science projects, which have had a major positive impact on society.
  • Training for students wishing to study abroad: providing a Master’s and Doctoral preparation program (VCREME Program) to select, foster professional knowledge and foreign language for excellent students (3rd year or higher) or in economics or other disciplines such as applied mathematics, statistics, physics, behavioral science, environmental engineering, information science.

Development cooperation

  • IREEDS cooperates with a wide range of research institutes, universities and development organizations in Vietnam such as: Institute of Policy and Development, Ministry of Planning and Investment (APD), Foreign Trade University (FTU), University of Economics and Law (UEL), Saigon University (SGU); At the same time, IREEDS has also strengthened its cooperation with universities and research centers abroad: the Sorbonne Economic Center (CES), the Toulouse Economic University (TSE), the French Development Agency (AFD), The Erasmus Mundus (QEM) program, etc. These actions are made in accordance with IREEDS’s vision to improve the capacity of training, research and at the end, contribute to the policy-making process in Vietnam at the government and local level.
  • IREEDS wishes to cooperate with universities, scientific research institutes and mass organizations interested in conducting national and international scientific and research activities to develop eco-IREEDS, which is to develop high-quality human resources and promote scientific research in Vietnam.
  • Other professional services: reviewing, publishing, training, consulting (including project consultants), communication, technology transfer, organizing conferences, seminars to propagate and disseminate knowledge and propose policies related to economic fields, sustainable development, market research and experimentation on the application of new technologies.

Studying abroad consultancy

  • IREEDS organizes study abroad consultancy to assist in finding and applying for scholarships for talented and determined students.
  • IREEDS provides comprehensive training to equip students with the knowledge, skills and experience to develop a portfolio to apply for a scholarship to study at the university they wish.

Institute of Research on Economics, Environment and Data Science (IREEDS), 2018